What are the best money making companies from affiliate for beginners?

Profit from marketing commission or affiliate
Personally, I have been working for two years in the field of affiliate and I adore this area because it is one of the best ways to work real across the net and that suits all people.
Marketing commission or what is known as the field of affiliate?
Marketing commission or simple is simply to short the buyers to the seller's site to pay money for the purchase of real and virtual products through a special link provided to you by the owner of the site (so that he can know that the sale was made on your way) and thus win the money or commission agreed upon In advance with the owner of the product (of course the commission varies from one site to another and from one product to another).
Unfortunately, if you follow the free explanations of this field in the web or through YouTube videos, you will find that most of those who explain the elliptic to beginners start by choosing the product or offer to be marketed, but you should tell my brother that there is an important step that must precede the selection of the offer or product, Marketing itself.
There are many methods of marketing commission, including what is free and what is paid and I will remind you of my brother the best methods of commission marketing and the most famous currently

Marketing by email
It is the best according to my experience because people in the world are very interested in e-mails sent to them if your
interest in your mailing list collected by sending gifts and weekly tips will create great confidence between you and the client, which will facilitate the marketing of any product you send it via e-mail.
Marketing by Blog
Your blog is competent in the field of one or a specific niche will facilitate the marketing of any offer related to the field and here I advise everyone who wants to work in the field of fleet and marketing through his blog or site to study SEO because it is very important for everyone who wants to win money without creating paid ads It will make it easier for you to get visitors targeted and interested in your site and convert them to your flights and profit without capital.
Paid Ad Marketing
Of course, the use of paid ads will make it easier for you to work in the case of marketing for a specific product or CPA offer paid ads will quickly reach the target audience that you want to promote this product only through ads through the Facebook network by creating a page and bring customers to it or through ads Google AdWords Or Bing by putting your ads directly into the search engines.

You should only know that your main task in this area is to choose the right marketing method by carefully studying all the marketing tools you will need and choosing the method that fits your capital and also fits with the offer or product you want to promote.
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What is the best money making companies from Aveline for beginners?
There are many reliable companies that I personally advise to return to work in commission marketing, but if you want the advice of affiliate Amazon is the best without a competitor for beginners and professionals because you must learn secrets in Amazon nominate him to be the best to profit from the elliptical It has the largest conversion rate compared With the rest of the known stores and calculated statistics have reached the rate of conversion to 74%, a record that will not be found in any other store in the world.
Profit from Amazon

 You should tell my brother that the Amazon Aflite system allows you to take a commission on any purchase made by the person you have brought for a whole year. For example: "I brought a customer from your site to the Amazon store to buy shoes, but that customer I did not buy He bought a diamond ring for his wife, so my brother imagined how much your profits would be. "
Simply for anyone who wants to profit from the Aplite it Bamazon because it is better if you want to promote it people always want to buy it, especially for the high reliability of this store compared to others

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