Best Forex Strategy

Best Forex Strategy

Important clarification : You can work and experience a temporary until a detailed explanation of video How to work in detail and most important Be careful in the management of capital Continuity in the market = Good management of money and the right of lot
Welcome everyone at zizouinformation
Today we will offer you the best strategy in the field of Forex on specific pairs
These are the best currencies to work on

and you will get tremendous results and you will achieve a lot of profits in this area even if you are a beginner you can experience the strategy at the expense of Demo and not real to make sure that the strategy is excellent and earn a lot of Profits
Our strategy is based on a very strong indicator of who is doing the analysis of the market, and Hua gives you an entry and exit signal, and you must comply and also you must observe the capital

From The money Signals v1

It works on all ferrim and all couples, with a high rate of success (God willing), but prefer to work on the time frame.

The method of work:
- Entry Point: After hearing the tone of the warning of the appearance of the sale or buy signal on the MetaTrader, entry is only after closing the signal candle (sale or purchase signal) and not before closing it !!

- Target:
By default it is off after 3 candles are closed whether the result is profit or loss, or stay in the deal (depending on your market view).

- Lentils almond:
Be optional (depending on your market view).

- Important note:
It is not advisable to work in times of lack of liquidity from 22:00 until 7:00 p.m.


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